Our Gear

We put a lot of thought into the items we bring with us.  Our priorities are needs, weight, quality, efficiency, safety, and bonus points for made in the USA and veteran owned!

dodge ram 2500 full time rv family

2002 Dodge RAM 2500

Jesse purchased this beautiful beast after his first deployment, in cash.  It sat in our yard for 5 years after breaking down, but we are slowly restoring her to her glory days while driving her across the country.  Devoted Cummins fans, we know that she will only get better with age as we keep fixing her up with some parts we’ll be sure to keep you updated on.


2022 Palomoni Palomini

We originally set out to build our own custom camper utilizing a Humvee trailer, but we had a deadline to meet and some goals to achieve, so we decided to grab a camper. Little did we know, campers were hard to obtain.  While searching out a GeoPro, a retailer out of Ohio recommended this camper, and we could not be happier with the way things turned out.  Typical 2021 style, things were a bit rushed and we have had to do some gluing and screwing and nailing, but otherwise, this is an incredibly outfitted, stylish camper for a small family.


dodge ram 2500 full time rv family

ROAM Vagabond XL

Our “Master Suite” allows for privacy and comfort.  It’s quick to set up and put away, has a mattress the rivals any RV mattress, and the annex is a great bonus for us.  While we typically sleep in the camper, this allows us a place to crash when we have family visiting or simply need a date night. 😉


More Gear Coming Soon

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