About Us

Hi!  We’re the Whinnems.  We’re on the overlanding adventure of a lifetime.



Our Story

Friends since the age of 15, Jesse and Jordan have dreamed of this adventure since they first left home for the first time. Jesse to Alaska after joining the Army, and Jordan to Switzerland to spend a year as an Au Pair.

They spent an absurd amount of hours chatting online through deployments and travels, making big plans they never really thought would happen.

Eventually, after 10 years of friendship, they found themselves dating, then moving back to Connecticut, then married with two kids and a small house in Jesse’s hometown.  Having found stability and success, there was a big hole in the fabric of their lives where adventure used to live.  Yearning for more purpose, impact, fun, and family time, they finally fixed up their fixer upper, put it on the market, and made plans to hit the road.

Jesse is a carpenter turned road schooling dad and trip planner.  Jordan is a business and marketing consultant for farms and business that want to make the world a better place. Lily is a sensitive soul, incredibly helpful big sister, and self-proclaimed future veterinarian with a particular fondness for cats and horses.  Josie is a singing, dancing, climbing force of nature, providing aggressive cuddles to everyone around her.

Supporting roles include our faithful dog, Nara, and our grumpy cat, Mildred.

Together, we’re the Whinnems. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We want to see it all.

We want to camp in every state we can drive to, experience every national park we can reach, and visit as many farms as possible.


National Parks



Where we’re Going

The primary goal of our trip is to find “home.”  And where is home you might ask?  We don’t know yet!  But we do know we’d like to find a property of 300+ acres where we can begin our own regenerative farm where we’ll build off-the-grid, luxury cabins, hold events like farm-to-table dinners and weddings, and educate visitors with fun workshops and retreat weeks.

Our Goal is to:

Protect Our Planet

Through regenerative practices and strategic restoration agriculture, we hope to provide the earth we live on, the plants we grow, and the animals we raise with all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Feed Our community

We believe in the importance of local business and taking care of our local community.  But our community won’t stop at county lines, we want to feed families in towns and cities across the US.

Educate the Public

Our goal is for everyone feel like they’re on a wonderful vacation when they visit our farm, but also send each visitor home with more knowledge on the importance of knowing where their food comes from.

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